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Can I share my membership with another Real Estate Agent?2019-01-29T15:20:44-07:00

I am sorry, but it is against our Terms to share your Vault Membership with another Agent. They are more then welcome to join at $7 per month, it is less then the cost of lunch!

What is The Vault?2019-01-29T15:20:11-07:00

The Vault is a private membership that gives you access to thousands and thousands of social media posts that you can use for your social media accounts. You will never again need to try and figure out what to post to stay in front of your clients, we have everything you will ever need 🙂

What is your Realtor Social Posting Service?2018-01-24T15:03:49-07:00

Realtor Social Posting is a “done for you” social content service for Realtors.  We create high quality, engaging social image content and post it on your Facebook business page three times per day, PLUS 3 Videos per week.

We keep your social media fresh & current so you can concentrate on your clients and running your business.

We provide quality social media content for your business at a price that won’t break the bank!

Why is it important for my business page to be updated regularly with fresh engaging content?2018-01-24T15:05:58-07:00

What a lot of Real Estate Agents don’t understand is how the general public judges you based on what they see on their Facebook Page.

Put simply…
If your Facebook page looks unprofessional (poor graphics and grammar errors), the public believes that reflects what’s going on with how you treat your clients.

If your Facebook page hasn’t been updated in a while (ie: if your last post was more than a few days ago), the public believes that maybe you are not actively working as a Real Estate Agent and that your staff might also let things slip during the home buying/selling process.

Do I have to sign a contract or make a commitment?2018-01-24T15:06:20-07:00

Absolutely not!  Our service is offered on a month-to-month basis.  No contracts or lengthy commitments.  You can cancel at any time.

Who creates your content?2018-01-24T15:08:23-07:00

All of our content is created by our creative & design team. We have been in the Real Estate Industry since 2011 and understand the needs of Real Estate Agents.

Does this give you access to my personal Facebook account?2018-03-12T20:19:33-07:00

No. When we get access to your Facebook Business Page, it does not give us access to any of your personal account.

How often will content be posted to my page?2018-01-24T15:09:29-07:00

We post high-quality, engaging content to your Facebook business page three times per day, PLUS 3 videos per week. Approximately 100 posts per month.

Is the content you post branded to me?2018-02-15T15:53:34-07:00

Yes! It can be IF you purchase the upgraded option after you check out, we will then remove the Real Estate Agent Social Logo and brand all the content to you.

Can I see an example of what the content posts look like?2018-01-24T15:17:59-07:00

Sure!  See Below.

Example Content Post

We post a mix of Home Buying Tips, Home Selling Tips, Engaging Content, Real Estate Tips & Stats, Quote Images & Videos. The reason we mix up the content is to be able to give your followers what they want and not just push the fact that you are a Real Estate Agent.

This allows your followers to connect with you on a more human level, which makes them want to work with you more!

Wonder if I want to cancel?2018-06-10T17:19:13-07:00

We would hate to see you go! But if you would like to cancel, simply email info@realestateagent.social and let us know. We would also appreciate any feedback you have about our service, because we are always striving to do better for our customers!